A Short Story for Summer

This month's Style Your Staples challenge with The Refined Woman is all about the denim short.

And I confess ... I don't own jean shorts. Yup. I'm just not a shorts girl! I checked my closet this morning & technically I have three pairs: red, plaid & high-waisted black. I haven't worn them once this summer. And I don't know if I wore the red or plaid last summer either. Gulp. Need to really think about if those need to be donated, eh?

Most of my clients who don't don shorts are a touch self-conscious about their legs. And for me that's not the culprit. I just adore summer dresses! When it's warm outside, I love the flowy freedom of a dress. When I plop down on a hot bench, the backs of my legs don't get burned. And, yes, I will conceed that it does mean I never have to have a "do my theighs look smushy?" check. I just think there's nothing easier & more lovely than a simple summer dress.

However, when I was playing dress-up in my friend Emily's closet recently, I discovered these Chanel culottes. Well. If Chanel does shorts. Then I could do shorts. You can see my full look in this post.

Here's what I find loved about each of my style sisters' shorts posts ...

  • Kat of The Refined Woman is so catching my eye with her bright pink. I love pink & blue together {ahem, my Delta Gamma sorority colors} with hot pink & navy being my favorite.
  • Emily of The Refined Woman totally surprised me with the leather jacket. If you had asked me I would have said a leather jacket & jean shorts would look a touch white trash, right? But she looks so California cool.
  • Jen of The Effortless Chic models how the most simple of all ensembles -- the white tee & jeans -- can be chic. The top is lovely, hits her at just the right spot & the cuffed jeans make it a bit more pulled together than if they were raw cut-offs.
  • Erin of Apartment 34 is rocking my world with how business chic she's made lightwash denim. A reminder that if you have one casual piece, by making everything else super classy, you can tip the balance of the whole look towards ladylike.
  • Sara of Glitter + Grace paired hers with a darling slouchy striped tee, but her drapey necklaces create that "V" shape I always talk about that keeps a shape feminine even when we're not emphasizing our waist, but drawing out that lovely line of cleavage.
  • Casey of The Wiegands is not only making me feel less sad about rainy days to wear wellies, but has me wanting a fedora!

Which of these looks gives you a new idea of how to style your denim shorts? Or perhaps even style one of your summer skirts or dresses with me?

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