The Principles of Style 101

Over the holidays in London I created my first group class: Style & Styleability with, to be honest, trepidation. Would it work? Would people really, really love it?

I'm an over-achiever. I tend to not want to do things unless I can knock them out of the park! So my standards for myself & this class were pretty high. Then the first students came in January & I got all mushy & teary-eyed weekly as I read comment after comment like this:

"Can I just say I am having so much fun!!!" Antonia

"I have been eating this course up." Catherine

"Just so you know, this class is TOTALLY challenging me." Jennifer

"I feel more creative, adventurous when putting outfits together." Joy

"I am thrilled at this opportunity to gain some confidence in my outward appearance." Kate

Heart. Bursting.

However, Type A betty that I am -- I asked them for feedback throughout. What could be done better? What's missing you wish had been covered? They shared awesome insights with me & I'm thrilled to say every single one of them has made it into this second version of the class. Therefore it's with oh so much confidence that I fling open the doors today to the second round of Style & Styleability!


Go read all about it & save your seat now because June 30th will be here before you know it!

Can't wait to see how much you grow in knowledge, creativity & confidence this July ...

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