How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

I try very hard not to say not nice things. So sometimes I let Suri Cruise say them for me. Like this + this example of how not to do a boyfriend jean. 

Inherent in the name boyfriend jean, is some masculinity. So the first step to balancing out this 2-Part Fashion Cocktail, is to add some feminine details. That's the key to not looking like you're walk-of-shaming-it in your beau's clothes, but rather being adorably relaxed while still charmingly cute.

Beyond that, keep a bit of that "Bossom & Button" or "V & Line" that I talk about happening: the "V" line of cleavage & a narrow waist or line at your bellybutton are so universally flattering. I've done that here with a drapey necklace that gives a hint of "V" & a bright skinny belt that doesn't leave me totally swimming in shapelessness around the middle.

And then the top -- if it's massive you're just going to be drowning. But I have a hard time pairing it with something really fitted, or makes my bottom half look too wide. If you're larger on top, that proportion could work for you. But otherwise you want something in the middle: not too tight, not too giant, just an easy Goldilocks mid-sized shirt. 


Shop this Style { Navy Striped Top : JCrew : Similar | Boyfriend Jeans : Primark : Similar | Yellow Skinny Belt : JCrew : Similar | Gold Statement Necklace : Forever21 : Similar | Coral Heels : Next UK : Similar | Tortoise Sunglasses : Primark : Similar | Bangles : James Kiel Patrick + Lilly Pulitzer : Similar + Similar | Beige Monogram Bag : c/o Gigi New York } + Brooklyn Photographer Bethany Michaela

Now go take a peek at those images from Suri's Burn Book again. Masculine, plain, lacking any shape, no bossom "V" or "line" at the narrow waist. Proof that you don't need money to be stylish. Because those lovely ladies are swimming in money. Meanwhile my jeans here cost $18. You be the judge. And remember that the next time you're wishing you had more dollars in your style budget. We don't need more money or more things, we need more knowledge & more experience. Alright off my soapbox & back into this glorious sunshine!

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