Denim on Denim

A few weeks ago in Monday's "An Educated Style" post I called liar, liar to the style myth that you can't wear horizontal stripes. Today we've got another frequent fashion fable to shoot down & that's that you can't wear double denim. Another common "don't" this applies to is mixing black & brown, or black & navy.

The secret to pulling it off is making it intentional.

Double denim looks awkward when the denims are so close it just sort of looks like they're mismatched. Like when you wear black on black but one item is faded, so it looks like you wanted them to match perfectly, & didn't notice that they don't.

The line that you can't mix black & navy comes from wearing all black & not realizing that your dark shoes are actually navy. Or the guy who's wearing brown & then puts on a black belt because he didn't give it any thought.

It's awkward, when it's accidental.

That's what makes you look like an amateur. Like you didn't notice or know better. But when you make an intentional choice, then the rules go out the window. So how do you do that? You make both choices strong, bold, different. Not just one tiny piece. Not barely different shades. 

Here I've got a very light chambray shirt, with a much deeper indigo bottom. A guy could do a black suit if the belt & shoes & bag were all brown. Or you could wear a black skirt & handbag, with a navy top & heels. You've heard me say before there are no style rules, just principles. And this is the principles of balance. Make both choices strong, & you've found the sweet spot.


Shop this Style { Chambray Shirt : Primark : Similar | Denim Shorts Skirt : Chanel : Similar | White Statement Necklace : Ann Taylor : Similar | Red & White Striped Heels : Soho Boutique : Similar | Tan Monogram Statement Bag : c/o Gigi New York | White Sunglasses : Target : Similar } + Brooklyn Photographer Bethany Michaela

Also, I'd like to acknowledge that I'm wearing a skort. Or coolots, if you prefer. Whoever though I'd sport those? Not I, I tell you. Not I. But when they're vintage & Chanel ... well suddenly they're my favorite new/old take on jean shorts! Sometimes I'm surprised. Which is delightful. Because if we knew all the answers & just what would happen, life would be a bit dull, eh?

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