Style Do's & Don'ts

First of all, thank you! For those of you who voted on Instagram the night before this shoot as to which of four shoes I should wear, you were totally right. The blue shoes make this outfit! We're such a good team you & I ...

Second, to anyone who's ever said you can't wear horizontal stripes I'd like to say, "Liar liar pants on fire". It's an old wives tale. Like how if you go outside with wet hair you'll catch a cold. It sounds like it would be true, but it's not.

No, really. It's not a thing. You're going to put on this skirt & think you look wide. Because your critical eye goes right to your hips. But do you think that when you look at me? I'm pretty plum sure you don't. Because this skirt is so gosh darn adorable you can't possibly think anything other than, "I want that skirt!". 

So strike that from your mental "don't" list & go find yourself something marvelously preppy nautical or perfectly Parisian chic & striped to usher in summer right around the corner. Stop playing small. Stop living in fear. Stop analyzing your hips. And start wearing fresh, bold patterns that make you happy. 


Shop this Style { Plaid Boyfriend Shirt : Primark : Similar | Black & White Stripe Skirt : The Factory via Keep | Statement Necklaces : F21 + Nordstrom : Similar + Similar | Bow Belt : Vintage : Similar | Blue Heels : Jessica Simpson } + Photography by Bethany Michaela Photography

Style Myth Busting

Have you believed you couldn't wear horizontal stripes? Have you proved that lie wrong? What's another style "don't" myth that you've busted?

Leave it in the comments below & give someone else an awesome idea to try ...

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