How to Start Your Dream Business

When I launched Dean Street Society my heart was to help people show up as the best version of themselves, really shine to their full potential, in an easy non-stressful or complicated way ... through their style.

Before long though, bettys were asking me not just for my advice on style, but for how to build a business like Dean Street Society; how they too can create their dream business, that truly helps people, & makes them want to happy dance they're so gosh darn giddy about it.

But unfortunately how to start a business is not something I can shoot back in a quick email reply! Or even cover in a blog post.

So I started offering one-on-one coaching on branding, blogging & small business {that begins at $125 for an hour one-on-one & you can email me at to chat about it}.

Yet I know some bettys are on an uber budget when they're just starting out, or just wanting to explore the topic before they decide if they're really going to make the leap. So I also wanted to offer something super affordable that really took time to cover all the bases.

The Adventure Begins this Saturday:


Every Dean St Seminar offered thus far has sold out, so be sure to nab your spot asap!

Who's life could you change today?

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Dean Street Society was born on February 1st, 2011 because my friend Emily sent me one blog post. She quite literally changed my life, because she thought of me when she was reading a blog & took the 60 seconds to send it my way.

Emily will forever be a part of my story thanks to that one forwarded blog post.

Who's story could you be a part of?

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