How to Make Extended Travel a Reality


This is part three {here's part one + part two} of a four-party series on extended travel & finding life balance. After hearing so many say they wish they could do what I've done lately, I wanted to show how you can & why you should!

Everyone's lives, schedules, careers, finances & families are oh so different. But come at each of these from a place of yes. Even if they don't immediately line up with your life, how could you mold them to work for you or what other creative idea does it spark?


How to Affording Housing for Extended Travel:

  • Home exchanges: Whether on an official website {a la The Holiday, one of my favorite movies, & yes that website exists in real life!} or using social media/friends to put out there that you’re looking for someone to swap with. This saves money on a hotel & is something I'm planning on trying for my next trip in summer/fall {anyone want to swap}?
  • AirBnB: Similar, but generally not a direct trade. You rent your home up to make money & use that income to stay in other’s homes. They're cheaper than hotels & give you a kitchen to save a bit more money cooking in. For anyone who has a fear of renting out their home, I’ve done it for years & endorse it 100%.
  • House-sitting: This requires a bit of providence, but the times I've been generously offered someone's home it's because I mentioned that I was looking for a place. So put it out there! And extend this radical generosity to someone else if you can. I really can't think of a better gift anyone could offer.

How to Take Time Away From Work:

  • Work for Self: I'll share more about my secret to batching in an upcoming post, but in short, save up work that you can do remotely. Writing, research or working on your computer can all be done from anywhere.
  • Work for Others: Flip to the chapters on this in Tim Ferris’ “Four Hour Work Week”. He talks about how to get your boss to be more receptive to the idea of you working remoately now & then.
  • Travel for Work: If you’re lucky enough to travel to cool places for work, try to make them over a weekend & then tack on a few vacation days. Your plane ticket is already paid for & you’ll have your bearings by the time the days are “yours” to play with.

How to Take It Seriously:

  • There are tons of travel hacking blogs that help you find deals, rack up reward points, etc. I haven’t explored these yet due to lack of time, but it’s definitely an option if finances are what’s standing in your way. Next on my list is applying for a credit card that would give me airline miles.

What tips to do you have for pulling off travel on a budget or for an extended time? Does your example involve a day job, kids or a life scene different than mine that could help inspire someone else?

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