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I wrote a post recently about lessons in collaboration. By far one of the most fabulous experiences that's come from Dean Street Society has been the chance to work with brilliantly talented photographers from New York / San Francisco / Chicago / Los Angeles / London.

Here's a secret: I don't have a daily photographer. That might sound silly or obvious, but if you read other style blogs you'll start to notice that most girls have a built in rhythm with their Beau to shoot photos of them 5 mornings or evenings a week. The schedule here on real life Dean Street isn't like that. Which makes style blogging a crazy challenge. One of those things no one mentions when you decide to start a style blog!

So, the friendships with these photographers in 2012 was truly been invaluable for my new business. And each one I've featured below is so talented. So whether you're a fellow entrepreneur looking for new profile pics, an actor/musician, bride-to-be, new mom or just want to celebrate your awesome self, check out their work & follow along with their careers. Oh, & they also happen to be kind & awesome to boot.


{From left to right: Jeremiah Hull : New York City // Jen Sosa : New York City // Joseph Kent : London  // Michelle Young : London // Bess Friday : San Francisco // Bradley Siefert : Chicago // Kat Harris : Los Angeles}

{And by shoot:  // Michelle: Teapot // Jeremiah: Lighthouse // Jen: Brick Wall // Joseph: Pink Door  // Michelle: Museum // Bess: Carousel // Bradley: Black & White //  Kat: Stripes & Dots}

What to Wear in Photographs

Consider the outfits I pulled when I knew I was doing photo shoots. There's a lot of great insights about what I know looks good on camera, & thus five tricks you can steal:

  1. Bright color
  2. All black & white
  3. Bold patterns
  4. Chunky & bright accessories
  5. Defined waists or slim pants

May this be the year you take the most stunning photos of your life!

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P.S. Do you know a fabulous photographer who loves to collaborate? I'm always looking for talented new friends & people to make play dates with in 2013, so send em my way!

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