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A heads up that today’s post might get a little gushy. It’s sort of a love letter ... in that I confess that I can’t stop thinking about you. I wonder what your New Year’s Resolutions are, what’s annoying you this week that I could help with, what the questions are you haven’t asked, what the goals are you haven’t even told your friends yet, what makes you feel happy & excited & empowered. This week's IFB post was about the journey a blogger/business owner/artist/creative is taking their readers/audience on. See part two below the jump.


So here’s how I try to love you well. Which I’m sharing in hopes it will help shed some light on my thoughts behind Dean Street Society & therefore help you consider your own blog, business, community.

  • I teach how to stretch your creativity muscle, make the most of what you already own, shop & therefore spend smarter.

  • I teach math equations, why & how things work, proportion, fit. I take the mystery out of things that never made sense, & make simple that which used to feel complex.

  • I inspire friends with big dreams, who want more out of life, not just with pretty pictures but with actionable steps.

  • I empower friends who want to take their lives to the next level with tools to do so, a community to support them & the knowledge they’re not alone or crazy in wanting to shoot for the moon.

  • I’m leading a journey towards a classy, ladylike, vintage inspired life that relishes the classics while never being afraid to put a fresh, cheeky, modern spin on life to make it our own.

  • I’m leading a journey that includes more travel, more adventures, more honest conversation, more freedom to ask questions & more clarity about what our own definition of happiness is whether from a tube of sassy red lipstick, a good book & a cup of tea.

Last year my motto for 2012 was “Make Things Happen + Love People Well”. Today’s post is a reminder to take stock this weekend of how you’re doing the latter. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter thinking about what your listeners are craving, a novice baker pondering what your neighbors might be giddy to find on their doorstep, a purse maker considering what will sell in the market 9 months from now or first & foremost a wife/mother/best friend -- you have the power to take someone on a journey, to teach them something, to help take them to the next level.

How else can Dean Street Society love you well in 2013? What do you want to learn, in what area do you want to grow, what are your questions, what product do you want to download, what different offering do you want to take advantage of?

There would be no Dean Street Society without you. And this little business that could brings me so much joy. So thank you for letting me do what fills my heart, & then telling me it rocks your world. Kinda feels like the way the world’s supposed to go around, eh?

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P.S. If you read that last paragraph & thought, "Gah! I want my job to feel like that!" ... I've got a few more spots open for beta clients in my Branding, Blogging & Small Business Coaching. The offering will officially launch in the spring, but if you're ready to take things to the next level now, I'm offering the sessions at a significant discount. Write me at & tell me where you're at & where you'd like to be.

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