Olympic Style: Red, White & Blue

I love the Olympics. Love. We've had 4 viewing parties in the last two weeks here in Brooklyn. While I will be thrilled to be getting to bed earlier, I will desperately miss gymnastics, those mens swimmers bodies, my girl crush Carrie Walsh Jenner & openly weeping at people's dreams being dashed or coming true multiple times a night. So to send the games out in style ... an Olympics inspired style shoot.

While this outfit is a lot. It's miraculously not totally insane. A few reasons:

1. Everything is only happening once: one dot pattern, one stripe pattern, one ruffle section.

2. With all that pattern, there's just two colors.

3. There's no accessories. When an outfit is this fun all on it's own, it's time to call it a day.

Olympic Style 080812.jpg
Red White Blue 080812.jpg
Campaign 2012 080812.jpg
Runway for Obama 080812.jpg
Olympic Spirit 080812.jpg
American Style 080812.jpg

{Blazer: Forever21, Blouse + Pants: Anthropologie, Shoes: Boutique; Photography by Jen Sosa}

Fun Facts:

1. This is my first shoot ever on film! Like, actual film y'all. No photoshop. Just pure camera brilliance.

2. That was pulled off by THE most darling NYC photographer, Jen Sosa. Seriously, my face hurt from grinning at her she was just so joyful & so excited about how the light was hitting or what outfit I walked out in next. She would be such a joy to have around on an engagement shoot or wedding day.

3. The fab flag belongs to my gentlemen neighbors of Brooklyn Circus.

000000 Signature.png
Olympic Gymnast 080812.jpeg

P.S. I distinctly remember being alone in my room & announcing, "All she needs to do is land the dismount!", then leaping from my bed in front of the full length mirror & giving you the plant & "V". Then waving to the crowd on all sides.

And yes, that's a Mary Lou Retton signature. #TakingItSeriously.

Now let's savor the Olympic moment!

What was your favorite part? Story? Event? Loss? Win?

With so much going on we all missed something, so please prolong it for me here by sharing in the comments below!

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