The things You Say That Make Me Blush...


Let me say first that there has been tremendous, positive change to both my physical and emotional state of being!! I feel as though I'm more confident in my own skin, shop better for my body type, and people are noticing. There’s an ease bringing you into a very vulnerable part of our world, and there's no judgment on your part at all!

Robin Wilner, Broadway Actress // In Home Session

Thanks again for a wonderful session yesterday. I've already got the massive approval of my best fashion-conscious friend at work this morning, and am excited to keep bringing it, day after day, and no more pulling my sweater all the way down! Super excited and feel proud walking around now!

Michael Homolka, Book Publisher // Shopping Session

I wanted to hire Hilary because of how she views style: creating providence. It’s not about the trends or brands but how my life could be more beautiful, more in alignment with my vision. Even over Skype it was a one-of-a-kind experience. She’s like the sister I never had, giving constructive feedback, practical advice for taking my style (& life!) to the next level.

Tala Supangco-Ocampa, Singapore // Skype Session



Ahh! I gained SO much from our sessions together!! Having someone to bounce ideas roff of, accountability to follow through, and now actually believing it’s possible -- that my crazy idea is something worthy to invest in --and giving myself permission to follow through because I'm encouraged by someone who’s paved the road already.

Jessica Minhas, Sex Trafficking Advocate

A big THANK YOU for all the real movement you've brought to my business the past couple months. My biz (and dreams) have taken a bold, new path since stumbling on Dean St. I love that you changed my way of thinking, showed me WHY I needed to consider other possibilities, took a fresh look at my brand and really challenged me. Your creative advice was pretty amazing too.

Connie Holen, Handbag Designer

Is it cliche to say the best part of working with you is everything!? I’ve learned tons! You help me get over roadblocks, give great perspective on the foundations, turn problems going around in my head into simple steps, and gave a reality check on where I need to invest financially. Thanks again for all your mentorship, I wouldn't be in the great place I am now if it weren't for you!

Crystal Cave, Fashion Stylist



Your course not only changed my mind, but it gave me confidence I didn't know I had. Somehow, your super-savvy style tricks changed the way I viewed outfits and clothing. I could suddenly SEE how proportions, texture, colour and pattern worked in new ways. Every day I made an effort to wear a fun outfit for different events and I couldn't believe the compliments I got. (And yes, I didn't lose a pound, get a facelift or dye my hair!)

Cecilia Grayson, Nova Scotia // Style & Styleability Student

I like to think that I am a fairly organized person but email totally gets the best of me and ends up working against me and not for me. Well... thanks to you I just took the last hour and organized. YAY! I feel like a huge weight was just lifted. I am not holding onto fear that if its not in my inbox I won't go back to it. No more inbox to-dos! (Amen to that sister!)

Deanna Lynn Englezos, Organizing Online // Seminar Student

Can I just say I am having so much fun!!! The class really stirred my creativity. I've already noticed this fresh thinking approach being used in other areas of my life. Playing dress up is great fun too. :) I've been noticing how I feel when I am wearing a certain thing. A huge game changer, because it takes negativity and self criticism and provides more insights as to why you like one thing, but not the other.

Antonia Andreeva, Cambridge UK // Style & Styleability Student



Hilary is extremely detail oriented, bringing ton of high energy and creativity on set. All that said, attitude and friendliness are what I deem the most important aspects of a stylist and Hilary is always positive, proactive, and takes direction and feedback with the greatest of professionalism.

Nate Poekert, Art Director

Hilary is the perfect combination of class and intuition. Lots of people can make you look stunning with unlimited resources but Hilary has a special kinda 6th sense that she can go into any closet, anywhere and build runway worthy looks. She's an absolute peach and a pleasure to work with.

Trish Ivy, Musician

She’s a delight to work with. Not only does Hilary have a natural sense of style and an eye for detail but her work brought life and interest to my photos. She encompasses so much more than a stylist. Not only would I work with her again but I would refer her to anyone in need of styling skills.

Jeremiah Hull, Fashion Photographer




Hilary is amazing! I love how she honors your style, comfort and body type. I've worked with stylists in the past that were so concerned about making me look "slim". Hilary focuses more on helping you feel confident -- it's about choosing things that make you feel great, colors and accessories that give the wow factor. HIlary is the BEST choice for anyone that needs a helping hand with their style.
Melissa Casserra, PR Consultant // Skype Session


I really appreciated the opportunity to ask someone all the questions I've always wanted to ask but didn't know who the right person would be. I got great advice on different pieces to buy or things to wear, have taken a more broad approach to adding to my closet, and already recommended Hilary to my friends!
Stephen Martin, Financal Investor // In Home Session


You gave me smart ways to really think about branding and differentiating myself in a crowded market, and gave me easily digestible steps to launch now instead of later. I'm closer to taking action than I would've been just going it alone. I'd probably still just be talking about what I want instead of taking thoughtful action to make it happen.
Nikki Duckworth, Stylist // Brand Mentoring Client

I liked hearing your insight on things, hearing first hand what you did in your business that worked, while following Dean Street Society to see how much you’ve grown.
Stephanie Wacey, Jewelery Designer // Brand Mentoring Client


Just wanted to thank you for Friday. Really enjoyed having you on set -- you brought a real sense of professionalism with you that is not easy to find -- prepared, diligent and super helpful in making it a successful day. Hope for more days like that in the future.Thanks for being a big part of it.
Eric Ryan Anderson, Lifestyle Photographer // Editorial Shoot


Hilary's style philosophies are the perfect combination of practical & creative. She finds what is specifically great about each client on the inside & manages to illustrate it with clothes & accessories on the outside. All within a respectable budget! It's kind of magical. Oh, & her stance on belts actually made me love my waist. See what I mean by magic?
Sarah Gregory, Comedian // In Home Session


After our recent session, I am currently in 2 plays, a short film, an advanced acting class and had three professional theatres contacted me directly! I feel more confident when I go into audition. I've had several people notice the changes in me -- YES! I also don't feel as overwhelmed when I need to go shopping. You are amazing! You are genuine, friendly, knowledgable, listen and explain things clearly, and are FUN!!!
Melinda Grace, Actress // In Home Session

You are down to earth, made me feel very comfortable (even in my undies!), you never made me feel like I didn't have a clue, but you educated me about how to make the right picks and how to weed the duds out of my closet! We put together items in my closet in ways I hadn't imagined! Now I know what works best for me, I have key items to shop for and most importantly, I know what does NOT work for me!
Heather Krieger, Business Administrator // In Home Session
My agents were pushing me to get a better wardrobe for auditions. I gave her 2 hours & a $200 budget. I actually really liked wearing the stuff we bought in real life, plus I booked a TV show. Do it.
Kevin Green, Actor // Shopping Session

Thank you so much for teaching me a bunch about color, patterns and accessories. I'm excited to go through my closet and put together some new looks (and hit Forever 21 for accessories). You are gifted.
Deb Musante, Home Care Administrator // Shopping Session


When I already had pregnancy brain Hilary helped me weed through my maternity hand me downs & clear the clutter in my closet to make what she calls my 'Journey to Hot Mom-ness' easier. Life saver.
Allison Clardy, Mom in Chief // In Home Session


An invitation to a celebrity holiday party. AAAAH! What to wear?! I hit up Hilary & BAM, there I was looking dapper as ever shaking my booty as the best dressed guy there! Hilary knows what she's doing. She's smart, savvy, & has a great eye. Oh, & I received TONS of compliments, even from the famous hosts! Get thee to Hilary & Dean Street Society!
Chris Crowthers, Publicist // Pocket Stylist Session


With Hilary I got the "outside" perspective I needed to realize I wasn't representing myself the way I intended. I think 24x7 about my industry so it's easy to speak in a way that's confusing to potential customers. I also realized I need to infuse more of my personality into my website and how to do that.
Sarah Doody, User Experience Designer // Brand Mentoring Client


You are one inspiring woman, Hilary, and I feel so blessed in the time I get with you. Thank you for your educating, encouraging and challenging words that come from a place of love and experience. I think you're fabulous. Just sayin'.
Katie Scott, Baker // Brand Mentoring Client


It only took a week for Hilary to make a lasting impact on my personal style. Her keen eye for pattern and color helped define the tone of our show and my "look" on-camera and off. I'd recommend her to anyone, with any budget.
Hank Chen, Hello Style Channel Host // On-Camera Styling

I have taken my personal branding much more seriously, thinking long and hard about how my business needs to leverage my strengths since we met. People are much more receptive to my message, and I’m braver about buckling down and getting my business off the ground no matter what. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement as it means a lot right about now.
Sandra Harriette, Marketing Consultant // Brand Mentoring Client


I'm still stunned by your strategic approach to thinking about my wardrobe, and the unflinching attention your poured into our three our session. Wow! It's as if you arrived with a barrel of treasures, and I'm still in a state of realizing what the goodies are. The biggest values so far are the you've given me guidelines for understanding which clothes will work for me and why. This vastly simplifies my work going forward, and yes, saves me the time and money I may have spent making mistakes. I used to budget in dollars for making wrong choices, because hitting it right was such a rare occasion for me. And I can't thank you enough for showing me how to update and add vodka to those pieces that needed it. You are so talented! And kind and patient and dear. What a great pleasure and fortune to spend the afternoon with you.
Anne Wiesen, Architect // In Home Session


I hate spending money on shopping! But after my session with Hilary I’m more excited to dress myself, with less dread. I loved having a person I could trust to say yes or no rather than just a friend who tells you eveything looks great. I’d recommend Hilary to any fellow entrepreneurs focused on branding on and offline!
Liz DiAlto, Health Coach // Shopping Session