Movie Moments in Everyday Style

Movies make you wish.

Wish you were Audrey Hepburn dancing with Fred Astaire or life had moments Nicole Kidman swinging high above the Moulin Rouge.

Wish you had Kerry Mulligan's wardrobe in An Educated Style or Gwyneth Paltrow's in The Talented Mister Ripley.

It can feel exhilarating, lovely, and far away.


Life doesn't just have to be pretend.

With the right teaching, tools, tweaks, tricks, we can take those glorious mavens of the movies and let them truly inspire us today in our real world.

I was having one of those "if only life were ...." moments earlier this summer when watching The Talented Mister Ripley and decided the next to declare that, "life is now".

I stood scanning my closet, mentally breaking apart what it was I loved about Gwyneth's style, and voila.

A brand new outfit I'd never paired together that made me feel just as romantic, effortlessly chic and timelessly feminine.

Shop this Style { White Button Down : Trina Turk : Similar | Blue Midi Skirt : Vintage, Broadway production of 42nd Street : Similar |  Retro Swimsuit Top : c/o Albion Fit | Brown Wedges : DSW : Similar | Lipstick : MAC in Lustering } + Photography by Michelle Kim 


Even better, this outfit features a skirt I inherited worn by leading lady, Peggy Sawyer, in the 1980's Broadway production of 42nd Street.

I've performed that musical over 500 times including with the Broadway touring company.

It would be easy to take a costume piece and say it feels too much, too dated but I was determined to reclaim it and give it a new life. 

Now is the time to stop wishing, and start making things happen.

I'm bringing back my special class, Style & Styleability, this fall and the grand re-opening begins on Thursday!

It's all about making the ideal, real.

Stop simply being inspired from afar by style blogs, Instagram, movies and magazines; start learning the secrets yourself to create the style and lifestyle you desire.

More on Thursday, but till then, I highly recommend you pop something lovely on the television tonight and let it not just make you wistful, but wide-eyed with new ideas.

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