What to Wear to Conferences + Events

The first question actually is why should you go to a conference or live event? Well, I'll use Alt Summit as an example.

I attended Alt Salt Lake City for the first time in January. Not only did I have a blast & make fun, fabulous new friends. But it was the entrepreneurial/creative version of a long spa vacation for my brain. I got inspired, had so many brainstorms, talked shop with people who knew what they were talking about. I left with my heart & head so full, refreshed & reinforced for the coming months of my business.

What I didn't know at the time, was that those four days would lead to two incredibly exciting things happening on Dean Street this September. I can't share more yet, but I'll be coming to a national newstand near you & serving as style contributer for the chicest new site on the web. And both of those happened because of small in-person encounters back in January. 

Business is like dating or auditioning. You have to show up in order for magic to happen. Go to live events & be open! {You can tweet that in one click right here!}

A few weeks ago I attended Alt NYC which kicked off with a special dinner at Sunday Suppers for a handful of us lucky gals thanks to Bing! If you haven't heard of Sunday Suppers, their founder Karen is an incredible gal & they are up to marvelous stuff.


Onto the second question: What should you wear to conferences & live events? In one word my answer is color!

Memorable, eye-catching, happy, energetic, worthy-of-remark, make-you-pop-in-photos color!

Mind you, I do have a few clients who wear almost exclusively black. So as with all my advice, this isn't a style rule, it's a principle. The principle is that you want to stand out, look confident, appear welcoming & look great in all the photos you'll be snapping. A color is the easiest, simplest way to accomplish all of that. But if black is your thing, then throw on a fabulous statement necklace or a great red lipstick, & smile. 


Shop this Style Day One: { Red Lace Maxi Dress : c/o Choies | Rose Gold Watch : c/o Sperry | Colored Bangles : street fair: Similar + Similar }

Shop this Style Day Two: { Pink & Orange Silk Tank : Old Navy : Similar | Yellow Medi Skirt : H&M : Similar | Tangerine Heels : Next UK : Similar + Similar | Grey Polka Dot Clutch : c/o Angela Kay | Statement Necklace : J. Crew : Similar } All photography by the awesome Justin Hackworth

Starring left to right: When I Grow Up Coach | Long Distance Loving | SMc Graphic Design | Yellow Bird Yellow Beard | The Hive Studio

What's your best advice for attending conferences & live events? What do you wear or bring with you? Have you found them worthwhile for your business or life? 

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