Old Hollywood Glamour

The only problem with vintage shopping, is when you find something that fits you like a dream, you feel like the universe is telling you that you MUST purchase it! Such was the case with this cream pleated skirt I came upon in East London. It reminded me of Downton Abbey or Thoroughly Modern Millie {the movie}.

However, a piece like this challenges my go-to 2-Part Fashion Cocktail advice. It's quite period. So normally I'd say to make a vintage piece not feel dated {cranberry}, you pair it with something modern {vodka}. But here, I confess to having tried many tops from my closet & most of them looked so modern that it didn't feel like an outfit. So the takeaway is that the fashion cocktail is a delicate balance & you can't just go throwing vodka in there without making sure it really pairs well with the cranberry. Here I embraced the retro style, instead of trying to work against it.   


Shop this Style { White Lace Top : Zara : Similar | Cream Pleated Skirt : Vintage : Similar | Nude Heels : DSW : Similar | Polka Dot Clutch : c/o Angela Kay | Gray Bracelet : Anthropologie : Similar | Beaded Hair Clip: Anthropologie: Similar | Mac Lipstick : Russian Red : Similar } + Photography by Bethany Michaela

As a musical theatre girl at heart, of course this emsemble reminds me of the Golden Age of Hollywood & all those 1930's - 1950's Fred Astair & Gene Kelly musicals I made a career out of performing in. Here's an early rehearsal from the last show I performed in right before launching Dean Street Society. {We'd only learned the choreography that morning, so it's rough!} Oh how I'd love to be doing that number, in this outfit, in black & white on an MGM stage ...

What would your dream movie moment be? Madonna in Dicky Tracey? Gwenyth in The Talented Mister Rupley? Carrie in An Education? Okay clearly I have many! But tell me yours ...

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