The Best Embarrassing Moments of My Life

In February 2011 I put on a cabaret to celebrate my 7 year anniversary in New York City. 10 days earlier I'd had the ah-hah moment for what would become Dean Street Society.

Performing to a sold-out crowd of my friends {to my shock dozens of people were turned away at the door, which is important because it's referenced in the video below} was one of the most frightening, fabulous & freeing things I've ever done. And of the whole event, the 9 minutes below are my fav. Mostly because people came up to me for weeks telling me how they wanted to throw up, cry, slide under the table, excuse themselves to the restroom because they could NOT handle the horrifying awkward mortification that was occuring live before their very eyes.

And because who doesn't want to feel THAT?! After two years I'm sharing this video for the first time as my Valentine's Day gift to you. Here's hoping no one has a first kiss or second date story this bad today.

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P.S. If you think Cory is funny you should a) Tune into the MTV show he writes for b) Follow him on Twitter & ask him if he wants to triple teetertotter kiss you c) Do nothing. Seriously, class clowns do not need to be encouraged. Surprisingly, it only encourages them.


P.P.S. Having absolutely nothing to do with kissing, Marie Forleo's third training video is now live! If you missed the annoucement about The Mentorship Coterie I'm creating for a few hand-picked bloggers & entrepreneurs who enroll in Marie's B-School, read all about it. Deadline is March 4th!

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