October's Stylish Book Club Choice!

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Bettys, I am so madly excited to share our October Stylish Book Club choice with you!

When I took my spontaneous Caribbean trip in March I tossed this in my carry-on. There I was, in a little black bikini, laughing out loud to myself on the beach to the stares of B to whom I could only say, "I'm sorry, but if I repeat it, you really won't think it's funny."

While I don't mean to compare myself to the brillant Miss Hadley, I have never encountered another professionally-stylish-person with whom I connected so. She gets what we talk about here on Dean St: Your style matters, your confidence matters, but you're also being marketed to amidst contradicting whispers & shouts of culture. It's empowering.

With chapters such as "Moss, Kate, and how she ruined your wardrobe", how could it not be?!

Our style matters, & having read this book we shall be all the more knowledgeable to understand why, & brush off all the bullocks parts.

So here's to October with witty, quipy, snarky, & whipsmart wise Hadley Freeman & her book "The Meaning of Sunglasses"!

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Head over to Amazon or your local book store & choose your cover now {appropriately fashionable, you have 4 aesthetic choices} so you can start reading with us a week from Monday on October 1st. Calendar coming soon.

The book is divided into super short chapters ranging from a paragraph to a couple pages with titles such as, "Jacobs, Marc: genius or what?" & "Ruffles: from French ingenue to Bozo the Clown"

And each day we'll have a #StyleMe Instagram challenge corresponding to one of the days' topics.

This book will make you smarter. You'll be glowing {from all the laughing}. And since brains & beauty are irresistible, this proabably means you'll be having more sex. {Insert exaggerated wink wink.}

Invite your friends to join us as this is one book club that will make you more stylish & doesn't require you to get a baby-sitter or put on shoes to be able to join in as we meet on Facebook! See you there ...

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