How to Wear Vintage Clothes

One of my favorite style tips is what I call the "2-part Fashion Cocktail". The essence is this: simple cranberry juice is bland, straight vodka is intense, but a blending of the two creates something balanced & with just the right amount of kick. So too it is with our outfits. Balance is the key to looking more than Peggy Olsen on Mad Men, less than Katy Perry. This ensemble I styled for the Market Publique lookbook is a perfect example:

style blogger 072412.jpg
vintage clothes 072412.jpg
vintage shopping tour 072412.jpg

{Clothing: Amarcord VintageArt Direction: Pamela Costello for Market Publique, Photography: Kate Sims

Picture the peacock skirt with a bow blouse, cardigan & ballet flats. Personally I'd feel indeed like I was going to work alongside Peggy Olsen. Now picture the bustiere, platform sandals & all that bright funky jewelry with hot pants ... I'd be able to pass for a Katy Perry double pretty quickly. The key is the Fashion Cocktail balance.

Now it's time for you to get creative! Tell me in the comments:

What's in your closet that's "peach" & what could you pump it up with to look more fashion forward? What' "prosecco" do you own that's felt too bold to wear & what more classic pieces can you pair it with?

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 P.S. And remember, all the clothes from this shoot are on sale for one more week over on Market Publique!

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