StyleMe: July Instagram Photo Challenge

Hello #StyleMeJuly!

As I created this month's calendar all I could think of was hot, hot, hot summer days, hopefully lots of vacations, & fun-in-the-sun shenanigans. So I hope these prompts inspire you to more colorful, whimsical, joyful summer memories via your camera phones m'dears! If you're new here ...

What is #StyleMe?

The #StyleMe Challenge is a free month of stylish inspiration to help you get dressed every morning, while sharing your sartorial moments with an incredible, inspiring, encouraging community. Our bettys shares via Instagram, Twitter & their blogs in order to interact. Or, if you're not on social media or don't have a camera phone, we've got co-workers & friends who simply play together in their daily lives.

How does it work?

1. Save the calendar below on your phone, or print & tape it to your mirror. Use the prompt each day to inspire you to "wear, try or be" something from your wardrobe. Snap a photo & share via Instagram or Twitter using #StyleMe{InsertMonth}, plus link up your blog below & share your photos on "StyleMe Mondays" or anytime!

2. There are no rules. If you're someone stressed out by commitment, you don't have to do it every day. Or, if you like to finish something beginning to end {Type-A hand raised high thankyouvery much}, use this community as your daily accountability to be creative & remarkable from the 1st to the 31st. Either way, try not to buy anything new for this challenge. If this uncovers a genuine hole in your closet that's one thing -- this isn't about a spending freeze -- but I hope it encourages you to make better use of & rediscover what you already have, rather than crave to buy more.

What do alums say?

Read the #StyleMe page to find out that & more!


Now spread the love!

1. Please invite others to be a part of this community by tweeting, sharing the post on Facebook, & pinning it to the magical world of Pinterest!

2. Add one of the #StyleMe Bettys buttons below to your site {Just copy the code & paste it into your sidebar.}

3. Then link up your blog below & announce it over there so everyone can play along with you! What better gift can you give than news of a whole month of free style inspiration?!







Can't wait to spend July with you ...

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